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Hassan Tahir is the man behind this blog. He doesn't like to call himself a Pro Blogger because he ain't one. Hassan started blogging in 2015 just as a hobby just so that he could spend his time well. But he soon began to like it.

He became you can say a blogging addict, and like every other kid of his age, he created his very first website GFree4u which contained mostly illegal gaming content. And was soon banned by Google.

Sad and Dishearted he left blogging for a while only to come back after a year. This is when he realized his mistakes and started doing research. He watched Youtube videos and read many posts about blogging. He was attracted by people like Neil Patel and Mohammad Mustafa who have played a key role in his blogging career.

Soon he started another blog Free PC Point  - a tech-based blog. He gained a few readers on it and things were going fine before his college happened. He was to decide between Engineering and Medical (the two common career fields). And he for an undisclosed reason chose Medical. And the next two years were the worst years of his life.

But he never liked the medical field. And never felt happy doing it. And even after working hard enough he was not able to make it and got very few marks in Fsc Pre Medical. He wasn't given admission to any University. Dishearted he decided to revert back to Pre Engineering. So currently he is studying Mathematics.

Fear Regret more than Failure - Taryn Rose

And recently he has started this blog to help people like him. Like he got the guidance in his early blogging days, he wants to help others make a blog.

You can follow him on Twitter @IamHassanTahir
You can also read his blog IamHassanTahir

All Blogger Things

All Blogger Things

Mission & Vision

All Blogger Things was created to help people like Hassan to become Pro Bloggers. So that he can give them the guidance he got during his early days. To help them rank higher in Google Search by highlighting the key SEO mistakes and sharing his experiences with others. 

To turn the bloggers into entrepreneurs and help them set up their online business and giving them content marketing tips. To help them make money online and providing them with proper guides on Affiliate Marketing and Adsense and it's alternatives.

What Makes It Different?

So what makes All Blogger Things different from other blogs on the internet that provide the same type of information. Hassan has read many blogs during his early days searching for tutorials. And what he disliked was that most of them didn't want to mention other's even if it helped their viewers.

This is one of the many things he learned from Neil Patel. Always think about your reader first. If there is any chance that there is a thing on the Internet that will help my readers he would definitely share it with his readers so that they are able to understand what he is trying to say and that can help his readers in any way.

Hassan's Advice to Newbies

"Blogging is not easy. It's not like you will create a blog and you will gain millions of readers in just a week or month. It takes time. It can take you months to establish your blog's identity. It took me 11 months to establish my second blog. You might not be successful the first time around. But do not quit. Analyze your mistakes. Try to challenge yourself. Just believe that you can do it. And keep working hard. Because if you do, you will succeed for sure."

As someone has said:
Nothing worth having comes easy
"Write your own content. My first blog was full of duplicate content, and it just lasted three months. Write unique content. You won't be able to make it big copying other's work. So try your best to write unique and amazing content. Keep doing research and never stop learning. I do not call myself a pro because I have a lot to learn and I would try my best to teach you what I learn from here on."


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