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When it comes to choosing a theme for the blog, most of the bloggers find themselves confused. Because there are many Blogger Themes on the web that are good looking, each template has its  features that the other one lacks.

But these templates aren't complete. So to counter this situation, we are here providing you with our second template to date.

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Introducing Octofuss

We introduce to you Octofuss ('Octo' means eight) a template specifically designed for our readers. Octofuss - the name means eliminating the eight main problems that bloggers find in other templates. We will talk about them later.

Octofuss is not an ordinary Blogger template. It is easy to use, minimal and responsive, packed with tons of features. And it satisfies the needs of most Bloggers.

Octofuss is best suited for Personal, Magazine, and News related templates. Have a look at its demo by clicking the link below.

So let's take a look at its features.

Features of Octofuss Theme

Octofuss has tons of features. Some of them are listed below


Premium Design

Octofuss has a Premium Design and is one of it's kind. Octofuss design is Wordpress converted. Its design is catchy and attracts the attention of its viewers. It is designed in a way to help increase blog conversion rate. So if you want a template that is Premium and that helps you to increase viewers, then Octofuss is definitely for you.
Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Octofuss is completely Responsive and works perfectly on all the devices. It doesn't matter if your viewers are using Mobile, Tablet or PC they will get quality user experience and won't find any difficulty in using the website.

SEO Optimized

Octofuss is SEO Optimized and contains all the essential meta tags. It also includes twitter cards. So it is easy to share your blog posts on Twitter. Having these meta tags also affects your blog's search ranking positively. And helps Google bot identify your blog quickly. So if you want a template that is good for SEO, then you shouldn't wait for much to download Octofuss.

Ads Adsense Ready

Octofuss is Adsense ready and has spots available at optimum positions. So you can monetize your blog quickly and increase your earnings. Hence Octofuss helps you increase your monthly earnings by providing better monetization spots.

Threaded Commenting System

Octofuss comes with the threaded commenting system. So you can quickly reply to other users. Some people refer to Disqus as an alternative to Blogger Commenting System, but we always recommend using the Threaded Commenting System as you can edit, delete and view them from Blogger Dashboard.

Error 404

Custom Error 404 Page

Octofuss is accompanied with a custom Error 404 page so even if your readers open a deleted page
they will find options to search or go back to the previous page. It is hence decreasing bounce rate.


Accessibility is also among the features of Octofuss. It has an excellent color choice, and the colors attract the readers. The colors are not too bright that it irritates the eyes of your readers. It also includes two navigational menus. One at the top and the other at the bottom that provides better User Experience.

Other Features

It also includes some other vital widgets like Related Posts, About Widget, Social Widget, Search Bar, Archive Widget etc.


After you have viewed the Demo and learn to know about all the features of Octofuss theme, then you would like to download it. Click on the link below to download.


This template is created by All Blogger Things. The theme contains a credit link. Please do not remove the link or we will take action against you. This template is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. You are not allowed to reproduce it without permission.


That's all for today. We announced on Twitter to release the theme yesterday, but we weren't able to. We feel sorry about that. We hope you like our new template.

It takes a lot of effort to design these templates. So we would be grateful if you mind sharing it with your friends or on your social media. Thanks.

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