English might be the International Language, but not every person is fluent in speaking it. Especially the people who aren't from English speaking countries face difficulty in communicating with people of other countries, and they are not able to share their views as they want to.

Therefore because of the language barrier, many bloggers find it difficult to blog. They have unique ideas about blogging, they work hard on SEO and Content Marketing, but after all the hard work bloggers are not able to gain as many users as they want. Because they are not able to share their ideas as they want to because of the language barriers.

Foreign Bloggers aside even people who live in English Speaking Countries might not be good in Grammar, Punctuation and other stuff. No worries, not everyone is Shakespeare. So to help you write better many companies have developed software & Plugins to help people in Grammar and improving writing skills.

Some of the popular Grammar Checking Tools include:

  • Grammarly
  • Ginger
  • Hemmingway App
  • White Smoke
  • JetPack

And some others. But the most popular of them all is Grammarly and today we are going to discuss Grammarly in detail and provide an overall unbiased review from our 30 days experience of Grammarly Premium.

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As you might know, Grammarly is a Grammar Checking and Correction Tool. But it is a bit more than that. Grammarly also checks spelling, plagiarism.

It is the writing assistant you need.

Grammarly is the most popular Grammar checking tool. It has approximately 7 Million Daily Users as of September 2017, and the Grammarly Chrome extension is downloaded 10 Million times.

So, first of all, we take a look at the features it offers.


Here is a list of features Grammarly offers

  • Grammar and Spelling Check
  • Punctuation Check
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Writing Style Check
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Check Your Writing Across Web
  • Available on multiple devices, i.e. PC, Mobile, Tablets, etc.
  • Explanation of Grammar Rules
  • Personal Editor
  • Provides Definitions and Synonyms
  • Personal Dictionary
  • Provides Performance Stats

Please note that not all of these features are available in the free version. Upgrade to premium to avail these features.

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Our Review

Okay so now is the time for our Grammarly Review. We are going to provide an unbiased review based on our 30 days experience of using Grammarly Premium. We are going to divide this review into Pros and Cons. Let's discuss the Pros first and then we will jump to the Cons.


Grammarly is the most popular Grammar Checking Tool, and it is for some reason. So here are the advantages of using Grammarly.

#1: Real Time Grammar Checking

Well, that is the main benefit of using Grammarly. It provides real-time Grammar Checking, so it automatically identifies different Grammar and Spelling mistakes while you are writing and it is pretty quick.

So it frees you of the duty to click the button to check mistakes. It automatically finds the errors and underlines them so you can correct them just by clicking on them.

#2: Accuracy

Grammarly is highly accurate, and unlike other tools, it doesn't make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes it might fail to understand your style and promote to put a comma where you do not want to. But apart from that it works great and is highly accurate.

#3: Compatibility

Another plus of using Grammarly is that it is compatible with most of the devices and websites. You can use Grammarly by downloading the desktop app available for both Windows and Mac. Or you can download the Chrome extension. It is also available for mobile devices. So it is your go-to Grammar Checking tool that you carry with you all the time.

#4: Explanations

Grammarly not only corrects it also provides explanations so you can learn a lot from your mistakes and then avoid to repeat the same mistakes. It helps to improve your writing style and skills. And the explanations provided are pretty easy, and you do not need to be a have a Bachelor Degree in English to understand them.

#5: Easy To Use

Grammarly has a clean User Interface and is easy to use. And you can get used to it quickly. Unlike some other applications like Photoshop, you do not need to be a pro to use. You can get used to it in just a day or two.


Okay, so from our 30 days experience we didn't find any significant drawbacks in Grammar Checking. But the free version has some cons that are listed below.

#1: Not Compatible With Google Docs

So this is the one major con that is common to both the free and the premium version. It is not compatible with Google Docs, so those of you who mostly use Google Docs this tool isn't for you so you may have to look for alternatives. But if you do not use Google Docs, then it's not even a con for you can buy the premium version without hesitating.

#2: Limited Free Version

Well, that is the con for people looking for a free Grammar Checking Tool. Grammarly's Free version is limited and doesn't provide all the features which the premium one does. But still, it is better than the free versions of other tools like Ginger. I have personally used Ginger's free version, and I can tell you guys that Grammarly has a better Free Version.

#3: Too Much Ads

This con is again limited to the free version. Grammarly aggressively displays ads. They want you to spend the money and buy the premium version. But too many ads and unnecessary emails may annoy you.

Is It Safe To Use?

Well, this is a question most of the users ask. And this is also because of different articles coming out last year that Grammarly leaks everything you type. To explain this, I would first explain how Grammarly works.

The base of their Algorithm is on user data through machine learning (AI). It checks Grammar in the cloud because it's AI needs constant updating and consumes a lot of computing power. The way they utilize this data makes them the fastest growing Grammar Checking tool.

It is in the interest of Grammarly to protect your data, and they are trying to do it too because Grammarly would not want to lose their reputation and profit. But at the same time, they do not guarantee it.

Here is what they say about the information you type in using Grammarly:
Grammarly is committed to protecting the security of your Information and takes precautions to protect it. However, we cannot ensure the safety of Information you transmit to us, including Personal Data and User Content; accordingly, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.
Therefore you Cannot Sue them.

How To Safely Use Grammarly?

So you can use Grammarly safely by acting on the following security precautions:

  • Do not use Grammarly for typing passwords or any personal info.
  • Do not type in the content of interest to law enforcement
  • Disable the add-on when doing the above.

Grammarly's Plans And Pricing

Grammarly Premium monthly subscription costs $29.95 per month. 
Grammarly Premium quarterly subscription costs 19.98 per month, billed as one payment of $59.95. 
Grammarly Premium annual subscription costs $11.66 per month, billed as one payment of $139.95.

Grammarly Plans & Pricing


Like you all, I am also not that much good in Grammar and my 30 days usage of Grammarly it helped me and corrected many of my grammar mistakes, and I learned a lot during these thirty days. My past three posts have been written using Grammarly and this one too. And comparing it to my earlier posts, my writing skills have improved. What do you think?

If you liked the review, then you can buy Grammarly from their site, or you can avail the 30 days trial before purchasing to test it yourself.

Do not forget to help others like you by sharing this article. Thanks!

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