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Okay before I start, I had like to apologize for not posting content on my blog regularly. I was busy developing a website. It's now more than two weeks since my last post, so I apologize and ask for your forgiveness. So let's Begin!

Social Media is part of the daily routine of millions of people. Many of us can't imagine living without it. And Bloggers are no different. Social Media because of it's growing popularity has become a source of promoting your brand and services.

People are like addicted to social media. Facebook, for example, has 2.27 Billion monthly active users. Therefore Social Media Marketing has gained immense importance. It has become necessary for a blogger to promote his content on social media.

A regular website gets about 16-20% of its traffic from social media. And it is the place which helps you gain users which are like fans and visit your blog daily. So the importance of Social Media Marketing is immense and cannot be neglected.

Therefore we have decided to provide you with 10 Proven Social Media Tactics that can help you drive more traffic to your blog.

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Tactic #1: Add Videos In Your Blog Posts

The internet is slowly moving towards the video content. And people nowadays prefer to watch a youtube video than reading a lengthy blog post, which is the reason the number of YouTubers has increased at a considerable rate.

If you have your own Youtube account, then you can link your youtube account to your blog and drive traffic to your blog. And you can also add your youtube video to your blog post. Therefore, your youtube video would be able to gain viewers from organic search too.

But if you do not want to create your own Youtube Videos, you can add other's videos that can benefit your readers in any way. For example, If I am to explain the difference between Vlogging And Blogging, I can add any of Casey Neistat's Video. My readers would be able to understand my point better, and it will increase the conversion rate of your blog.

Tactic #2: Joining Communities

If you have just started blogging or created a new brand, it is certain that you will not have any followers or readers. So if you are to drive traffic to a newly established blog, the most important thing you can do is to join forums and communities like Facebook groups, Reddit Subdirectories, etc.

You can gain followers by helping others in forums. Be polite and answer other's problems. Encourage people to mention you in their questions. And they will eventually follow you on your social sites and visit your blog.

As of Facebook Groups and Reddit SubDirectories, some groups let their members share their content. Even if they do not, they offer you the opportunity to communicate with the people in your niche. So you can learn a lot from them.

Tactic #3: Be Nice With Others

No one would follow a social media account if it just provides the links to a particular website. Socialize with your followers, communicate with them. Respond to them on time. Tag those who you have quoted in your blog post while sharing the link.

Help others on social media. Respond to them in a natural and friendly manner because no one loves to follow a robotic social account. Your account must be the one that others tend to follow.

Tactic #4: Sharing Other's Work

Yeah! That's right. Your Social Media is a blog. If there is a link that can help your readers, then you should not hesitate to share it. Many people will only follow you just because you are good at finding interesting links. So you will gain more followers.

Tactic #5: Using Twitter Polls

Be relevant to your audience and try to give them what they ask. Use Polls for feedback and what idea they like the most. For example, before publishing Jabeen Theme, I had designed two templates and asked people on Twitter to know about their preference and Published the one that got more votes.

I can also tap into Trending topics by using the HashTags and communicate with people engagingly. So in this way, you can use Polls to socialize with your followers in a better way.

Tactic #6: Organizing Shoutouts

You can make your followers engage more with you on social media by giving shoutouts to them. It is a very common trick used on Instagram, where pages provide a shoutout to the person who likes or comments first on the first post of the day by labeling him as the follower of the day.

Tactic #7: Adding Your Links In Email Signature

Adding Links in Email Signature is the most overlooked tactic of the all mentioned here. Most of the people neglect it. But it can be a source of traffic for your blog. Email is a secure way of communicating with others.

When you send someone an email, you can add a link to your blog in your signature. Most of the people are tend to click on it and thus landing at your blog.

Tactic #8: Repositioning Your Newsletter Form

Email Newsletter is an essential way of traffic and drives traffic to your blog regularly. But if you are not getting enough subscribers, you should consider repositioning your newsletter form. Some of the best positions which provide better conversions are:
  • Below Header
  • Sidebar
  • Below Post
  • Popup
The best of them all is the popup email subscription widget. You will find a lot of site's using it, and you might find it annoying. But the reality is that popup widgets deliver. Because if they do not, then you will not find other bloggers using them.

But you can change the timing of the popup widgets. For example, you can delay the popup for 5-10 seconds so that your reader does not find it annoying or you can display the pop up when the user tends to leave the blog. It acts as a reminder that if you liked it then do not forget to subscribe.

Tactic #9: Using Attractive Social Sharing Widgets

Social Sharing Widgets are essential for a blog, and you cannot compromise on them. You should use the most attractive social sharing widgets that match your blog's design. Before using a social sharing widget, you should keep the following aspects in mind:
  • Clarity
  • Non-Interference
  • Positioning
You should be very sensitive about their placement. You should place them at the moment someone feels compelled to share it. The best position is probably below the post. But you can also use a floating Social Sharing Widget.

Shareit Social Sharing Widget

Tactic #10: Using Mobiles For Marketing

The Mobile Industry is proliferating. The number of mobile users is increasing. Today you will hardly find a person without a Smart Phone. Many of your readers will visit your blog from smartphones.

So you should provide with them the option to share your blog content via SMS or Whatsapp. And in this way, you would be able to market your blog among the nonsocial-media users.


That's all guys! I hope you like it and find it helpful. I will try my best to post content regularly on my blog. So please subscribe to our newsletter so that you do not miss anything. If you have a question, then feel free to ask it in comments. If you like it, then please share it with your friends. Thanks!

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